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Nice action that kept my attention throughout the hectic events. Those little girls start early on make-up, don't they? LOL
What fun:) I was waiting to see how long it would take the author to tell us she was mimicking her mama:) Very cute.
Great story. I've never had a little girl fascinated by lipstick, but I had a puppy once…enough said!
That was an enjoyable story. It was easy to imagine the mother's panicked state. Good description brought this story alive.
I sat on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what happened next in this detective thriller, and then I realized that this was about a mom and her little girl. Good job taking what could have been a mundane topic and making it exciting for the reader.

The title also led me to believe that this was about something totally different, so you surprised me there. I loved the last line. It fits with your title and wraps things up perfectly.

Glad this one placed so high. You deserve to be in Masters. :)