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I always enjoy stories that embrace family relationships, and this was an endearing read. Loved the message the father taught the son--be grateful to God for blessings. Never too young to learn that.
Nicely done! A very pleasant read.
Good dog, Rusty... I mean Blue! I enjoyed reading this sweet, gentle story about a miraculous rescue.
Awww, sweet story!

I loved the dialogue between father and son, but some of it seemed a little older than a four-year-old.

Other than that, great story!
Awww! A good fuzzy-feeling story. LOL. I like the word play in the title, it fits just right and I'm glad it had a happy ending! ^_^
Cute story! I enjoyed it. I agree that some of the dialogue seemed just a little old for the boy, and you had a lot of puncuation errors. Otherwise wonderful job!
You depicted a wonderful and happy relationship between all your characters: dad, son, and hound! Very sweet.
I champion all fathers who spend one-on-one time with young sons, so I'm loving this MC. Boy and dog story...can't be beat. Good entry.
I love the warmth of the father son relationship you've created here. Very tender and sweet.
So simply beautiful.
Love it! The little boy's voice as he prompted his dad to tell the familiar story was priceless.
Enjoyed the story within the story. The relationship between father and son was very touching.
I love father/son stories. Love this relationship you created here. Good job!
I love animal hero stories, and this was no exception. The conversation between father and son was believable. I enjoyed reading this.
I enjoyed reading this story. It was easy to picture this scene. My only critique would be that the four-year-old doesn't always seem to talk the way a four-year-old would talk. Most of it was great, but there were a few lines that felt a strange for someone that young.