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I wanted to know what brought Jessica to that hotel--maybe a glimpse into her past that explains the present. Other than that, the story held my interest. I liked the scripture tie-in and truly loved the ending.
Despair and yet hope was there by just "calling" out. I liked the way you showed your MC's past reliance and dashed faith by the tattered Bible. I knew immediately when she told the operator her room number where this was leading and was not disappointed by the promise of that single verse.
And this is why you are in the Master Class. Great imagery.Very well done!
I loved the moment when the "316" dawned on her! Great atmosphere in this emotion-filled story!
Love that last line--so simple, yet so profound! :)

I like the glimpses in your story of the spiritual world around us--unseen, but very real. Also, the "316" thing reminds us that God does work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!
I'm glad your MC had a change of heart. This was well written and held my attention throughout. Loved the ending.
I love your descriptions. Very good.
Very good! I loved the aha! moment, too.

There was one place where "Bible" wasn't capitalized, I think.

I liked that you didn't give us the back story for her needed all your words to tell the story that you chose, and you did it with great skill.
I loved it!
Absolutely loved it!
One of the best pieces I've read on here.
Stephen King had better watch out.
Her room number was a wonderful coincidence... or maybe not a coincidence at all. God certainly works in mysterious ways! Good job.
Great reminder and so very well told!