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This was like a mini-movie into another world - very entertaining - I enjoyed this piece.
I like it. The story was unique, and the writing was great.
What a scary reality. I like the free thinker. There was hope for him. Good thought provoking piece.
I was completely pulled into this story, right up into the last, perfect, line. Ahhh. Love it.
Oh dear, thanks for reminding us of what it could be like. Please Lord, let it all be a greeen myth. Enjoyed! Thanks. Colin
This is brilliant; one of my favorites this week. We think it's far-fetched, but with the way things are going, who knows? I loved every word.
Wow! I'm in awe of your creativity in this one and the wonderful way you put it all together--definitely a winner for me.
Super creative and wonderfully written. This entry is top notch.
This was so far out of the box...wowzers. BTW, if my fridge starts nagging at me, I might take a sledgehammer to it! Great writing, as always:)
Lots of creativity in this piece. I like that you left a hint of hope for Summer at the end. Great writing.
This was sharp, clever and uber-creative. Love the tongue-in-cheek political stuff too, really makes you think. Nice writing!
WOW! Oh Carol,! One of my favorites this year, and certainly my favorite sci-fi piece on this site. Woot!
Carol, you are amazing! This is wonderful. Congratulations on an Editor's Choice with this worthy story!