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symbolism after symbolism. great writing. i'll have to read it again and again to enjoy and see what i missed the first time.
I think I guess early on that your MC was a river rock. Great descriptions of the way the flowing river changed it over time - wonderful analogy to the way Christians are scraped and shaped over time by living water. I love your writing!
Wow this is brilliant - loved it. Thanks. Colin
Beautiful. Deep and totally thought-provoking. Loved the second last paragraph (assuming the last line is considered a paragraph) especially. Not a dud at all - really, really beautiful.
Wow,took a little bit for my slow brain to catch on, but when it!

This was so well done, and I really enjoyed it!
This is no dud piece. Very well done,symbols and the passing of time etc. Keep it coming.
I agree with all of the above. :) A perfect picture of our walk: meeting Christ, salvation, sanctification. I love this: "a joyful pain to endure." What a great description. Maybe a teensy bit weak on topic, but a WONDERFUL story!
This is truly profound: the symbolism creeps up on you slowly, and when it all becomes clear... Wow! Most definitely NOT a dud!
Excellent writing as always. I was touched by the symbolism, loved it!