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Pure delight! Word choice, images, jokes, puns, and a wild ride! So creative!
This was so fun to read! I am very new to FW, but after reading the Forums, I have an idea of who this author is!
Brilliant! What great fun this was!
A Smorgasbord of content, creativity and entertainment. Enjoyed it much.
Ditto to all, I snickered all the way through.Keep it coming, Laughter is such good medicine.
You're simply the BEST at this kind of animal voice and characterization. Love the humor in this and I read it to Arlen, too. (: We love the dry chicken lips--what an image.
"They danced till eggs were scrambled" - all the little touches of humour throughout the poem made it a pleasure to read. There were times, however, when you sacrificed the rythmn for the rhyme. Very creative though!
Nice, Beth, very nice. Am grinning...beef stew for chicken soul...haha. so much fun stuff packed in here. congrats on the EC. ;)
CONGRATUALATIONS! This is so funny! I loved all the "chicken" words!
So glad this is in EC.I love it. Congratulations.
Just between me-nu, I thought it was brilliant. "Pork Soup for Chicken Soul" - is that a new one from Vark Mictor Hansen?
Anyone with negative comments about this entry would surely need to be "barn again!"
Well done (or make that medium rare!)
Oops, make that "Beef Stew - for Chicken Soul." I'm sorry, my 'misteak!"
ROFL. And then I pick myself up, read some more and roll again. This was a hoot! Love the characters you create. My favourite was "Beef Stew for Chicken's Soul." Too, too funny.
Wow, God have Blessed you in writing so many Wonderful Article I must read. I see so many Agree too.

And Thank you Beth for commenting on my article- The loss of Our Beloved Church Sister Evonne Bellamy.

God Bless
What a delightful, imaginative poem !
I kept laughing through the whole piece.
I am going to look for more of your talented articles.
Is LaBuff a descendant of Edward Lear? Thank God Beth is a female or we might have thought Lear did re-incarnate! A pretty conceptualization of a vivid immagination.
And if not a Lear, Beth must be next-of-kin to Rudyard Kipling. A pretty bunch of clowns!
Absolutely delightful! I'm like the rest...I have to have more of your writings!