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I like your tongue in cheek title!
LOL at the title! Loved your descriptions and humor. Can't imagine anyone willing to put dollar store coloring on their hair!!!
Great read,
a humorous journey for these depressing economic times. great humor.
What a great tongue-in-cheek, teasing entry! I had this happen to me only it didn't wash out in 3 washes; not even 10 washes!

A delightful piece. Good luck with it!
Lots of fun here. Enjoyed!

Absolutely delightful read, great take on the topic. My only nit are the following:

"All I wanted to do was hide some gray and give some pop to my auburn curls. In my frugality, I chose a cheaper brand this time.

"pop to my auburn curls" seems unnatural (descriptive device?) to the great voice you made for the character.

"In my frugality"
I have never heard the word "frugality" when hearing someone describe themselves...sometimes "being frugal", never "my frugality".

Nothing that diminished the article, just some little items that struck me as unusual to the great voices you developed.

Excellent work!
Good fun interaction, and you "oranged" a clever solution to what might have been a "growing" problem. Very clever
Extremely clever--your two characters are very believable and fun to read.
This was so much fun! I loved the descriptions of her glowing hair. :) My nit-pick is that I don't believe an experienced hair-colorer would mistake Halloween coloring for generic Miss Clairol. Good job building your characters - thank you for the smile today.