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Beautiful ballad stanzas telling a funny tale from the world of fowls. Majestic lines dotted with puns and coloured with alliterations. 'And sought to take up arms'.. Perfect pun that reminds me of Alexander Pope. And so many other elegant stanzas that I admire. This also is like a Level 4 FW poetry. Atimes I wonder how you create these funny stories in so short a time. You know I'll find you. Congratulations on your last submission.
Absolutely delightful!
Delightful, funny, creative, well done take on this week's theme and a poke at the never-ending headache of taxes.
This swan-derful entry is so star(t)ling-ly good that we should avoid trying to emu-late it, lest we be ostr(ich)asised or labeled as raven loon-atics.
Maybe this poem could be part of an FW propa-gander program. But seriously, great imagination with a beautiful sense of rhythm and fun.
HA! Clever, presently dated, funny, sad :( 'cause it rings true, and VERY VERY well done as usual! Where do your ideas come from?? Continuing to amaze and delight my reader's eyes!
I though this was extremely funny and being a birdman wondered how much the loon would tax my once seven coloured finch (the goldfinch)I had as a pet.

As usual, you made me envious of your creative/poetic mind. I chucked all the way through and cackled at the last line.
A celebration of the richly imaginative bard that you always prove to be.

Absolutely delightful.
You are so darn talented. This was so funny, and sarcastic...and scary. Great job.
This was superb in wit, rhyme, meter and entertainment. Your carefully chosen words in each verse are evidence of your master level talent. I expect to see this in the EC list.
This was witty, creative and humorous! Loved it. The poetry itself was good in rhyme and meter.
As someone else mentioned, this is amazing satire. Thanks for the great read. I especially enjoyed the lines,"The mallard sought a tax shelter,
A duck blind— his escape,
Was forced to buy a duck stamp
And attached it with duck tape."
Love, love, love this! Great commentary on today's political environment as well. Excellent job.