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This was a kick in the pants! Charismatically speaking, that is. Too funny.
This was hilarious!
I know what you mean about the prophecy... I once had someone tell me that God told her to tell me to use E-Harmony. Funny thing is, God didn't tell me about it or tell her where I would get the money to pay for it!
I think it is a wonderful anecdote. My son is a Religious Studies major. He has attended some charismatic Churches where everyone and his brother were speaking in tongues. Having attended the United Methodist Church my whole life, we had many interesting and lively discussions on this very topic. You have a delightful sense of humor. I'd love to show this article to my son. You master's level writers are refreshing and talented.
This was funny, more so because we've attended a few churches where the babble was.... well, babble.

Well written.
I love it! The fact that the MC can laugh at himself greatly increases his charm factor, and therefore the chances that his dreams may come true:)
This was hilarious, and a lot of fun to read. I don't know a lot about the charismatic denominations, but I think you handled the subject well, with insights that were both thoughtful and humorous. Well done!
Your intro looked like an interpretation of a message in tongues before it came - instead of after it! Brave, honest and funny accounts of life in the flawed mayhem of God's family, using great word pictures.
Thank you for the laughs. Good story. Still laughing at the interpretations. Nicely done.