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Funny story, and your writing helped me picture it the entire way.

Didn't totally get the Raggedy Ann & Andy parts--couldn't quite get them into a Christmas play with angels and Noah and Abraham.

My favorite line is: "I had already taken out Noah and a few sheep." Made me laugh out loud.
Funny story! If it makes you feel any better, I would have had a good 3 or 4 inches on you at age 10. :)
Funny story! It's quite believable, too. I especially like your last line.
Great oops! I felt the mc's dissappointment,
This was terrific. And I loved your last line!
Your talented writing brought everything about this story to life. The emotions of your MC were described perfectly. Loved the line about her disappointment pooling in the corner of her eyes--so well put! I thoroughly enjoyed this entry and expect to see it among the winners.
Once again, your talent shines. Just about as "enjoyable" an entry as could be. Love it.

Wonderful voice here and delightful humor. I love your descriptions.
Terrific title for this story. Well-written with snappy lines.

I don't understand the Raggedy Ann thing. I must be slow.

Love your dry sense of humor describing the oopses. I was right there the whole time.
I'm glad I read the explanation on your 'brick'--I would have been scratching my head, otherwise.

BUT--you're very good at writing humor! This was quite funny, and your voice was very engaging.
Your humor was great! Having a 5' 2" ten year old was a perfect MC for this piece...glad I read your explanation. To me, the only part that didn't quite fit was the Raggedy Anne and Andy. Superb job as always!
You do humor well. I liked all of your descriptions and the voice was right on.
What a great, witty voice. I loved the line "Taped music waits for no angel..." Tee hee. Very funny, great title, well done!
LOL, as I start to write this, the significance of the title suddenly dawned on me (okay, I'm slow on the uptake). Considering everything else your poor angel went through, Isaac should consider himself very fortunate.

This was great! The awkwardness of your MC reminded me of myself at that age and by the time I reached twelve, I was five foot six inches.

You certainly know how to write humour. Well done.
I thought you were very funny1 I'm glad I read the explanation on your brick toss tho. Great job, loved your mc.
This is such a fun story! Wonderful humor, wonderful writing... and, of course, a perfect title. Very well done!
This was a wonderful story. Full of humor and I think most of us could relate to at least some part of her predicament.
LOL! Ya gotta love the fiascos of church plays....

Nicely done. I like your stab at humor writing. :)