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This is absolutely delightful - what a fun read.
So that's what happens when an elephant has a senior moment! LOL Cute story.
Real Kewt and klever. Love it.
Good fun stuff and good characterisations, but isn't it slightly irrelephant for children?
Great story and as previously mentioned children would love the stories AND illustrations!
Good Job!
I read this to my three grandchildren and they loved the story...even without pictures. Incredibly well-done. I like the wit in the story too. Thanks for bringing smiles to my grandchildren's faces.
What a fun story progression as the animals parade before your readers. :)
Glad to see you back in the challenge, and in rare form. What "child" would not love this story?--Certainly not I!
What a wonderful children's story. I know a little girl who would love it. Great job!
You put a smile on my face, beginning to end, and I'm OLD!
So much fun to read! I didn't know what to expect and I love the ending!
You no cheeta on this story. A fun read for one and all.
What a delightful story; and somehow, I must confess, there are days I feel exactly like Sebastian. But there are other days, too, that I feel exactly like the other exasperated jungle friends : )
Thank you for this story you wrote. That was a funny story about Sebastian blocking every one's way. --Simon Slider (age 7)