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ohhh... I like it. nice, nice. ahh, to be a master. great work. good flow, nice dialogue, nice finish. brillo pads :)
An enjoyable read; great dialogue, and a pleasant "turn around" ending. Nice job!
brilliant job weaving this message together! ah, I remember teaching my dad and grandmother the email ropes...very realistic presentation to this story.
Ohhh...yes. This is good. Love how smooth it flows and is so believable. I take that stance with my grandsons, too. Not that I have so much to teach them, but I have lived longer and things certainly have changed.
What a great ending! I felt sorry for the grandson,but then the twist came and I went ohh.. cool.
I enjoyed the easy flow of dialogue...great characterization...loved wise Pop.
Amazing interweaving of the messages. Love it!
Don't you love it when a plan comes together. A great teaching role reversal, for sure. Good writing.
Loved this story. Had a little "Ohh ..." experience myself at the ending. Great twist!
Oh, I love this! I wasn't expecting the twist at the end, and you executed it brilliantly. I only hope that Mackie is as "teachable" as Pops! Very well done.
Great writing, and the title was perfect.
The grandfather reminds me of a great-uncle of mine who learned to use email when he was 93. He sent us one that started something like, "I'm trying to do this, but it's very slow. I think I'm a bit past my prime." I just hope I've still got the courage to try new things out if I ever reach 93!!
I like how this went full circle and also that a young man was patient with his grandfather. Great perspective.
Loved the twist at the end.