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I loved your "ballad of a bottom feeder"--lots of humorous lines to tell a fun story with a message.
I'm sure this was as fun for you to write as it was for me to read. Where do you get the ideas for some of your poems--they never cease to amuse your readers.
God has certainly blessed you with a talent to write these lighthearted story-poems that always have a message clearly tucked within the lines. Great job, as always.
Your delightful writing made this a fun read for this old fisherman. Thanks.
You reel-ly had me hooked! I read - and enjoyed - this with 'baited' breath. Very clever rhyming and timing.
I really enjoyed reading this tale; had no clue as to who would win!
Loved it! Will never catch another catfish without thinking of your list of rules... waiting til' spring! Great read... and I am not one to read poetry!
What a great entry! I wish I'd written it! I was hooked after the first line!
Great poem! Poems don't often hold my attention, but this one sure did! I loved the main character's name too!
From beginning to end, pure delight to read. I read quickly, couldn't wait to get to the next verse. Great fun, and a message to boot!
This is beyond wonderful and hilarious. Well done!
MASTERFUL STORYTELLING AS ALWAYS! God has truly gifted you, Beth. I just LOVE reading your pieces! You make it seem so easy.
You're poems always amaze me. Loved the wit. Fantastic!
Very entertaining piece of poetry with quite a message weaved in! lol, loved the parts of eating the PB & J while baiting the hook. Certain relatives come to mind...
Phew! I was wonderin' there for a minute, if the the poor catfish would get away.
This was such a delight to read. I'm so glad the catfish got away and learned his lesson. Hmm, I never thought I'd be rooting for a bottom-feeder. Good job!
Ditto to what everyone else said about this delightful poem. I liked how you tied in the scripture verse at the end. It brought a whole new dimension to the poem.
|Congrats Beth. Very well deserved win. Absolutely brilliant!
Double congrats!! First place EC!! First place Masters!! Applause! Ovation! Great job, well done!
Congratulations on your 1st place win! Great message in this clever and fun poem.
Whoohoo Beth! So awesome to see this on top, congratulations!
Congratulations Beth, a well-desreved win.
I knew this would do well and I'm so happy for you. It was even better the second read through.
Another Great Job Bethy ~ Congratulations on your win.
Way to go, Beth. You are so creative, and such a masterful writer. I am a fisherwoman, and this cracked me up. Big congrats.
I have only read this twice outloud to my staff... they think I am fixated on it... but now I get to tell them a lady wrote it!! I like it even better... will read it to the fishing campers this summer before we take them out for their day trips... great message for a young man to hear!!
Congratulations!!! This is great. I love the unique perspectives that you always incorporate into your poems!
Superb, as always, Beth, with a profound lesson to boot! Congratulations on your 1st place EC!!
Beth, I am so happy for you. Reading this today made me smile and yet you always have a lesson learned weaved within your stories! I love FISHING and fish stories, so even more so I got into the juice of it and didn't spit it out! I digested it and it was GOOD! Girl you amaze me! Keep up the good work..CONGRATS and applause.
Congratulations on your win Beth, and thanks for the wonderful footnote scripture upon which you crafted these truly memorable and didactic lines.
You make me proud of being a FW and you are such a talented poet and teacher who has endeared yourself to all who have come across or read your graceful works,especially me. Thank you for writing and may God be praised for His gifts.
You seem to know fishermen well, lucky shirt and all. Enjoyed this fun poem.
I enjoyed your poem very much. It seems that most of the poems I read these days do not rhyme. I prefer rhyming poems.