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Oh, what fun! Plenty of "phew" moments in this floating zoo. Loved the MC's voice.
Entertaining story.
Some of the words in the end were foreign to me
I really don't understand what the creature is in the ending, but it probably should be a COCKROACH!
I am sure that it reality, the embarking onto the Ark must have been a chaotic circus!
What a great voice, and spot on topic. Hats off to your last paragraph; I had to read it through a few times to catch all of your allusions to Lewis Carroll’s “jabberwocky” (made up, nonsensical, combined words). I don’t think I spotted my personal favorite: “slithy” (a combination of slimy and lithe). This took me waaay back to Through the Looking-Glass…
Way out of the box. Kudos.
I laughed and enjoyed it thoroughly. The only point of contention would be Noah calling his family names. But other than that I loved every other part and smiled throughout. You always do a good job of making me smile and scratch my head in awe.
You have a lot of fun stuff in this. I smiled at the concern over the rabbits. :) and then "counting the slugs" LOL!

…and thank you, thank you, thank you for answering the age-old question of "Were there dinosaurs on the ark?" :)
This was so out of the box and wonderfully done! I LOVED the Carroll references.
I had to haul out my dusty dictionary to read this one, particularly when it came to "Claws that gimble and teeth that whiffle. And you say that it's burbling along as it galumphs behind the boat. Some sort of bandersnatch?" I love that and have no idea what it even means! Great entry!
Ha ha it!...especially this part: "We're underway, my hearties. Batten down the hatches; splice the mainbrace! No, I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about either. But it sure sounds good, doesn't it?"

Our high school English teacher had us diagram on line of the Jabberwocky.
This is the most unique take on the theme I've read yet. What fun! You must have laughed out loud several times. You did a good job of capturing the chaos of the ark.
This one had me cracking up all throughout! I don't think I could pick a favorite part, it's all so hilarious! The last part had me scratching my head as I've never read Lewis Carol, but other people's comments helped with that. I thought it was funny that you ended with Noah getting rid of the weird beast. Thankfully it will never ravage the present world thanks to him! ;)
Amazing story! I love it!