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Very entertaining. I also loved the tethered saliva line, lol. Head shaking realistic, and I felt for the teacher. Nice job!
I first thot that perhaps the student had a seizure.

How frustrating for teachers!

Great story.
A typical day in the classroom, me thinks. You've captured it well. Very enjoyable.
If he had played Empires: Dawn of the Modern Age instead of Dogfight he would have known to answer General Patton. Shame that.
An entertaining story with a victim who deserved all that was coming to him.
Kids today. You captured them well.
Good job. I've often wondered what a history book would look like if it reflected the "facts" we hear in movies, and on TV.
*groan* As a history lover, this is killing me - and yet it sounds just like some of my classmates in college - yes, in COLLEGE! Very well written, even if it did make me hurt on the inside.
I LOVED this from beginning to end. It was so realistic. I could capture the images right away in my head and you KNEW your MC. Fabulous job!
LOL! a fun look into the classroom... Your MC's recollection of George Washington was priceless, especially "the charge up San Juan Hill on a Street Car nameed Desire!" (and I agree with your MC... I think computer games are educational :))
THIS teacher (who use to teach high school history) loves the story. I had a couple of nodders too (no reflection on my teaching style, I hope). Great characters and a fun story to read. Your visual descriptions were strong as well. (One year, as an elementary teacher, I had a 4th grader who thought Pilgrims were green little men living under bridges. :) Where was she in K-3rd grades?)