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I really enjoyed this. It took me where I did not expect to go. The descriptions are fantastic. Great writing and quite unique.
I feel like I just read an excerpt from one of those best sellers that I rarely read because they stick in my mind in a way that I don't like, but if I ever get started on one I can't stop reading it. Wonderfully written.
Wow! You had me thoroughly into the story and enjoying it immensely.(and I'm not a sci-fi fan)I believe you could make a whole book of this good guy's adventures. The only word that seemed out of place was "umpteenth."
Wow - great atmosphere! I don't normally like sci-fi, but this one grabbed me and held my interest throughout.
You kept my attention after I got by the first sentence. Did you mean "ascend the fifteenth and last stairwell" as you wrote, or "ascend the stairwell to the fifteenth floor?" I stumbled momentarily thinking your building had fifteen stairwells with exits for each floor, and maybe it did. A very enjoyable story.
I'm thinking there are more layers to this than a cursory read would allow. Discovering those layers,I guess, would depend on at least two things. One being the reader and their background, the other, the author's preface they might write in the front of the story (book).