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You brought this piece of history alive through your MC's and authentic style of writing. It fit the topic and was an enjoyable read.
Super historical fiction! Great job setting the scene and taking me back to this day. Loved it.
Well written historical fiction. I loved how you wove the topic through the story. good job.
Your words always amaze me. You tell a wonderful story seemingly without effort. It feels like the words just roll off your pen. I enjoyed your version of the tea party, it kept me entertained throughout it all.
This is so typical of Americans - no wonder the tea tasted revolting. Every Englishman knows that the water has to be boiling before you add the tea leaves! :-)
Seriously though, this was excellent writing. The period of the piece came across loud and clear. Coffee anyone?
Vintage Rachel. Wondering if you wish you were born a few generations earlier?
great writing.

Superb historical fiction. I loved the story.
Agree with the comments above. Plus, I especially liked the way you handled the speech patterns of that time. They sound authentic. Great job!
Gripping story about this incredible time in history. Masterfully written!
I've always admired those who can write historical fiction and make it so real - and your work certainly doesn't disappoint. Stellar dialogue and tag lines to set the atmosphere.
Loved it! The dialogue was GREAT!
Congrats Rachel! You have really been writing so well and becoming a strong author!
Congrats on your EC Rachel!!! So well deserved