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Groan! That pun at the

I liked your creative story. Great for a children's book, I think.
This is so great. I'm in awe.
Wonderfully written.
Gosh.... first a catfish and now a turtle... If I am not careful I am going to start liking poetry... especially yours... wonderful play on words. Sounded like a farm girl wrote this who had caught a few snapping turtles herself!
Terrific! One of my top favorites this week. Made me want to live near the ocean again.
Loved this! Very creative with a great ending. Well done.
This was so great. I loved everything about it and it flowed so nicely. Awesome work!
Very inspiring. Something for a beginner to set her sights on. Can I get you a harmonica?
Honestly, this was such perfection, I am humbled and in awe. Poetry is not usually my choice--but I'd read you any time! Such descriptions: I smelled the brine and sand, and wonderful sea creatures; felt the sea breeze. What a talent you have!
How creative! I thoroughly enjoyed this piece from beginning to end. Humorous with quite a message. Superb!
Wow! This is masterful from beginning to end. I loved every well-chosen word!
Brilliant... I love your twisting and turning of words and phrases to say "just the right thing."

I didn't trust that crab from the beginning, with his shifty eyes.

I can see your poems in a children's book... delightfully illustrated... Or a series, each poem a book of its own.
Congratulations on your first place win in Masters and EC with this delightful poem!
Congratulations, Beth. This rocked!
Beth Girl.. you are on a ROLL!! Not surprised, very excited and blessed to read another master piece!
Congratulations! It's all been said before but I do agree, this is a wonderful piece.

I am a sucker for poetry anyways, but this one was so delightful and I needed something whimsical and lighthearted right now.

Thank you for writing this. Love it!
Congratulations on this great piece. So unique and creative. Incredible!
Oh, my! Congrats on your well-deserved EC #1.

Ha ha ha! I love the application at the end. Congratulations, Bethy!
I hope you compile all these someday into a wonderful book for kids.
Congratulations Beth! This is such a clever, funny poem and beautifully crafted. A joy to read.
Congrtulations, Beth on BOB for this week. Wonderful always!
Crafty, clever, winsome, winning...ever so deservedly first! Wonderful piece Beth and so glad it won! Congratulations!
Ahh, simply lovely, Beffy! I laughed through this, could see it playing out as a cartoon in my head. ^_^
This is great, Beth! Congratulations!!
Your imagination is breathtaking! If it weren't against the rules (Thou shell not covet...) I would be so envious! I'll just settle for admiring your talent and being charmed by your work. Congratulations on your win!
Congratulations, Beth, on winning FIRST PLACE! Awesome and well, well deserved.

I loved this so much I read it to my daughter on the phone and then gave her your name so she could look up more of your writings for her kids.

Way to go!
Congratulations Beth, my tiny brine can't comprehend how you produce such wit and wisdom so consistently... Brilliant entry!
Congratulations! This is a fun poem!
I am in love with a poem and I want to buy a harmonica. How sweet this was so whimsicle! Loved the lesson at the end. This could be a child's book I can just see the illustrations in it already. I can even see me reading this to my grandchildren. Congrats...