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The story ended on the right moment, but much is left unsaid. Although a lot is revealed here about her character, and the title fits especially well.
What a suspenseful spooky but terribly sad tale. The title certainly said quite a bit. This would make a great historical fiction novel. There's so much more story I'm aching to hear.
Wow, the tension, the excitement, the drama! The dialog carries the action and builds strong characters. The ending had me gasping. How easy it is to get swept up in hysteria, especially when looking for someone to blame. Chills.
You really have a gift for drawing your reader in. I love how you proved the title with actions...though not of the ones being accused.
An opening chapter to a longer work, perhaps? You more than have my interest. I would like to read on. As it is you told a great story. But being greedy, I just want more. The pace was good but the piece's intensity kept up the momentum. Great job. God bless.
Okay, girl, I'm ready for the novel, seriously! This had so much, such a depth it left me aching for more. Please???
What a horrible rapscallion! Delightfully paced and executed.
Excellent atmospheric tale; the dialog fits well with the period and the action. Keep 'em comin' -- you'll have your novel in no time.
Very well written, and you have the added advantage of everyone already knowing the story of Salem. You have somehow dug into human weakness and fear to have us sympathize with the murderers.

This might sell very well as a novel to the Scholastic market.
Gripping historic tale... excellent writing!
There's so much tension and emotion here, and I'm still pondering that ending. You have such an incredible gift for setting the scene and keeping the reader hooked. Exceptional writing--well done!
Congratulations on the top 40!