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Oh, wow!
I would be surprised NOT to see this at the top!
This is definitely an entertaining read... what will we do when we have to occupy the same space in Heaven with those we may have had "problems" with here on earth. Something to think about.
Your mc had a very distinctive, authentic voice!
Easy to relate to his misgivings, presented so honestly.
Interesting read.

I believe that when in Heaven, we won't know what is going on below. There will be no more tears and no more sorrow.

I thought your MC was female as she was looking at "Seventeen" magazine.
This has a great message regardless of how we believe heaven will be.
This is absolutely outstanding. This is one of the best challenge pieces I have ever read. I'm sure some may disagree with some of the feelings the MC had in Heaven but not I. You had me hanging onto every single word. You are the definition of a true Master!
This is one of those got to love it, or hate pieces. And I loved it as far as energy, reader involvement, staying power (meaning the reader will ponder it afterwards and maybe even reread it), talented writing skills, fearlessness and fresness. Great job. I like the freedom we have here to just let it fly sometimes, and you let it soar for an entertaining read. God bless.