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What a fresh perspective. You gave me a new way to look at the story. It was done nicely, I enjoyed every word.
What can I say? You did it again, Rachel. I am in awe of how you take a piece of history and wrap it into such an engaging, complete tale with such depth. 'Nuff said.
I really enjoyed this, good job. I liked the perspective, it brought a story we all know to life.
Your writing allows me to feel as though, I now know these wonderful characters from the past and am able to see them more clearly as "real people" versus just a name and an account.
I enjoyed this different POV of the story of Ruth. Well done. The attitude and reactions were very easy to see in my minds eye.
Refreshing perspective on this great story. Loved your interpretation.
The details and the emotions make this story come alive beautifully. The Biblical account only tells about Ruth's love for her mother-in-law, but I'm sure it wasn't easy for her all the time. Ruth recognizing something of her late husband's features in Boaz... that was a nice touch. Well done.
Yes, this was very good and kept me intriqued to the end. I would love to hear more in your version!
Great take on the account of Ruth and Boaz with superb writing thrown in. Well done!
I get tired of hearing sermons on Ruth that make it all sound like a fairy tale. You brought out the pain and anguish and sheer cattiness extremely well.
A very real feeling to this entry. I could taste the grit of the plot. No Hollywood makeover here. Nice edgy presentation. The opening was lil awkward on first read, then once I honed in your pace I started over and it was kool. Time well spent. God bless.
I enjoyed this take on the story of Ruth very much.
Some of the best Biblical fiction I've read. You created a world in my mind and brought Ruth and Boaz to life in it. Wow this is good!
Your very interesting story brings a new perspective to the Bible story without deviating from the ideas in the original.
I REALLY like this POV for Ruth. I'm with Gregory - love you giving her some reality. Truly enjoyed this piece.
Masterful writing, wow! I especially liked your characterizations, the Jewish widows with their tongue clicking and a bit of righteous indignation that flares out of Ruth. Excellent work!
Congratulations on placing in EC!
Like I said earlier, I really liked this. Congrats on EC.
Somehow I missed this before. The characters jumped off the page and became so real. Wonderful.
Congrats on EC! Very much deserved!
Congratulations, Rachel, on a very well-deserved EC!
Great job! I like it, one of my faves of yours so far! ^_^ Ruth is a great story.
Wonderful to see this familiar story written in a new light and written so well...congratulations on a well-deserved win, name friend. :)
A belated Congrats on your EC, Rachel. This was beautifully written, bringing the characters to life - I really loved it!