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A beautiful poem. I loved the parallels in the boy's story. It flowed nicely.
This is just wonderful! Such amazing thoughts portrayed so beautifully, like 'The lamb saw what the boy could not, a hushed angelic throng.' I particularly loved the last two verses. Fantastic. Thankyou.
This was a lovely poem with a beautiful message. I enjoyed the story of the boy and the lamb, and your creativity in weaving it around the crucifixion.
I loved your poem from both the boy's and lamb's perspectives. Great job!
I have no words except - stunning.
Wow...beautiful. So, so beautiful. The touching story of the boy and the lamb woven perfectly with the crucifixion. Heart-wrenching, and yet with a victorious ending. Excellent, excellent work.
Wonderfully beautiful--the words and the meaning.
This reaches so deep. I want to read it and read it. Just Stunning on so many levels. Thank you for sharing.
Excellent visuals and presentation. With all of these great poems this week I should not have ventured into these waters. Very, very, very good! God bless.
Beautiful, as always.
Wow! I knew where you were going but it still made me so excited to know the beloved Lamb/lamb lives!
Very good! I love the connection of the "imperfect" lad to the unblemished lamb and then ultimately to the perfect lamb. Very good indeed.
Wow, indeed. This gave me chills. So many, many deep truths and emotions here. Masterful, gorgeous writing!
Your poems read like a Blake or Shelly. The timeliness of this poetic story, just before Easter, could not have been better placed. Involved with the theme of this story, I so empathized with both the boy and the lamb. That your words can create these kinds of real emotions testify to not only a great talent, but one truly in touch with God.
AMAZING!! Beth, you always blow me away with your poetry.
Beth, congratulations on winning with this remarkably, beautifully written piece. I always look for your entries as you are such a gifted poet.
Congrats, Beth, on EC placing and Masters! Beautiful work, as always.
I must comment on the talent and skill it takes to write this. Top drawer.
But, the heart that gives birth to it...I love.
I'm in awe.

This is breathtakingly beautiful. I love the part of the lamb seeing the angels waiting to be called. This is by far your best poem, Bethy!
This was just stunning! I am blown away by your talent. The message packed in this could never be told enough times!
Oh and congrats on a well deserved EC!!!
Woo Hoo! You rock! Congratulations, dear Friend!
Brilliantly presented Beth. I loved the link between the lamb and the Lamb. Congratulations on your placing.
I re-read this and was blown away all over again. You have such a gift and this piece is a testament to that. Awesome!
This is a gorgeous telling of what God did on the cross for you and for me...and for lambs everywhere. Very vivid picture. Congratulations!
Beth, Congrats once again. I just read the entry and was overcome by it. Truly was a perfect time to reflect and as always you bullseyed it! Thanks for obeying God with His gift that blesses me!
Just beautiful! The flow of this poem is like a stream one drinks in with first their eyes then by the handfuls;quenching, so refreshing. I loved the tenderness and beauty of this precious childhood relationship, between boy and lamb. How powerful and what a wow moment! Great job! Congrats.
Very well-written--flowed nicely!
Excellent written poem Beth. A testimony and spirit filled witness to the gift that God has blessed you with. Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world. You have made it picture perfect in your telling of it. Have a great day!