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I'm not entirely convinced this man can tame the tigress but he will have fun trying. Fun story:)
I'll say it again as it's been said before; oh the limitation of 750 words! Nevertheless you did a marvelous job of squeezing the first chapter of what promises to be an interesting story. I wonder who ends up taming who? With the single exception of a misplaced comma somewhere the descriptions, characterizations, dialogue; all excellent.
Very well written. I was drawn in... loved the dialogue, genuine with the accents, but not forced, great characterization and descriptions. More?
I love the way you create images, smells, and sounds with your phrases, "allowing more than usual of his French accent to curl through his words." "heavy odor of hair tonic nearly singed Peter's nostrils." I love your symbolism with…"Peter Petruchio, world -famous tamer of big cats of all varieties, " and the "daugher…in need of a strong hand." "Kalliope"-- Perfect name for a lady in the circus! I wanted to feel sorry for Kalliope, about to be thrown into an arranged marriage… but after reading your ending… I think she'll be able to take care of herself. :) Masterful, Rachel! Wow!
I love this wonderful, creative take on The Taming of the Shrew! I'll bet Kalliope is going to prove a challenge, though...:) An original concept, brilliantly executed!
My favorite thought in all the wonderfully descriptive phrases was where the men pitching the tents "shouldered their hammers". I could see this so clearly.
I think disarray has one s...
As always, Rachel, you write so very well.

Who says you have to write what you know??? This captured the spirit of a circus as if you'd been a ringmaster yourself (have you? ;-)

The title had me grinning right away and the story did not disappoint. Excellent writing, I think they'll make a great couple...I have a feeling she might have a bit of taming to do herself
Aside from the way you told the story which was terrific with it's characters and setting, I truly enjoyed the creative slant you took. Unexpected, refreshing and had me wanting to know more of what might happen.
Great descriptive writing.
Loved it! What a great piece.
The dialogue and setting...super fantastic! Excellent show of creativity, here.

Very fine work, Rachel.
Fun story. I sort of like Peter, but not too much, I'm inclined to go with the lady. A lot of details here, which is good for bringing out Minola's character, but I wish I knew more about his daughter. Good job though.