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Great entry - wrapped up with a bow!
Wow! Great story telling and description. Is this a true story?
I'm so glad she didn't go through with the marriage. I was really wrapped up in the story.
Good for Suzanne, for being wise and brave when it really counted. If I were her, though, I think I'd have to give my new husband a new nickname after we were married! Fun story!
So the best man actually lived up to his title! Very cleverly put together with warmth, doubt and strength of character showing through. Great read.
A great entry with some lovely images (eg: a mincing neo-goddess!). This proves that guys can write romance as well as any of us gals, huh? Good job!
I know with you to expect the unexpected! Delightful story.
Loved the unexpected and was so glad for "Pimple" :)
So many dynamics going on here. You painted sure characteristics of each of the players and they fulfilled their rolls flawlessly. For a romance it all seemed a bit too robotic for me - maybe it was all a bit too stark and not enough mush. But what do I know of such things? In a way it reminded me of a silent era movie - actions with subtitles. It seemed to have worked then and it seems to have work now.
I was prepared to stop the wedding myself... so glad that wasn't necessary. :) Creative work on this heart-warming story. I totally enjoyed it!
Great foray into the world of romance. Loved the twist on the wedding. I felt as if there was a lot of telling, particularly when introducing the characters, but the overall effect worked.
I think "Pimple" should have asserted himself a lot earlier, then Suzanne would never have gotten mixed up with that total jerk, Michael. I'm so glad she had the courage to say "No way!" Fun romantic comedy--Well done!