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So that is where inspiration comes from! : ) Next time I'm parking myself under a tree in a pasture surrounded by mooing muses. I loved the way this flowed - so bold, deft and assured.
Cute and entertaining.
What fun! Very imaginative, and a good, strong rhythm.
Oh man, I gotta remember those two words rhyme! What fun this was and SUPER creative! Great work!
This delightful verse brought a well-needed smile to my face.
Clever and fun. Almost a sing-song rhythm.
okay, normally, I get lost after the 2nd stanza of the poetry entries and I skip to the next piece- but I loved this! hats off to those of you who can fit rhyme & meter together and write well, too!

one eensy weensy thing- the no no no line- it didn't flow when I read it to fit the rest- but it may just be me going through too quickly.

well done. me likest!
I thoroughly enjoyed this poem! Nice work!
heehee! How fun! I loved the rhyme here and especially the ending. What a hoot!
Creative fun here!
Writers find creativity in the most ...ummm...creative places. I could almost hear the singing "moos" in the key of "G". :)
This definitely brought a smile to my face. Fun poetry.
Great job! Kinda reminds me of "The Arkansas Traveler" -- which I dearly love.
I could just picture that farmer stomp inside. Very creative.

Love it! Thanks for the chuckle.
This poem tickles! Great approach on the topic in putting away someone's sword using a pen! LoL (",)
Fun, fun! I knew we shoulda never sold that cow! *giggle* Seriously, this was great.