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a well done story. i like the use of the topic in your title and body of the story, and the list was a very nice element to use.
Wow - so very powerful! You took us right into that room and I couldn't help but think what would me on my own list. This one is going to stay with me. Excellent job.
Awesome--great job. Good reminder that it's easy to be smug in our forgiveness, thinking we have "been pretty good," when in reality we are scum and it's only God who is good in His grace.
Wow! Masterful! I love your title and whole concept. I agree with the others, this is so powerful! Excellent creativity (and execution) for the topic.
Excellent story - and frightening too, unless you know the Saviour.
I was squirming in the chair with your MC, too. Who could blame him? Many have written what you've expressed here in poetic imagery this week - I like the prose form you chose as well. Thank goodness for that one seemingly simple footnote - I wonder how many autobiographies have failed to note it? Great job.
I believe this is another winner! Thank God for that footnote!
Great take on the topic. Scary with a touch of "oogieness". How blessed we are because of that one final word.
Oh yes, this is the real reading that counts! Great take on the topic and lots of suspence. You never disappoint.

Very creative and on-topic with a wonderful message.
I agree that your approach stands above the others that addressed Judgment Day. Thank you!
You have done it yet again, dear. I was breathless. Wow.
Intense, clear, with an awesome message. Your writing was wonderful, and the way you laid out the story, from beginning to end, was impeccable.
First place TWO weeks in a row! Congratulations on a great piece of writing! Woot! :)
When I read this earlier in the week, I thought then, Wow, what a message. Very well written. I like the In your face Satan moment that each of us can have when we realize that we are forgiven and reconnected with Christ, not on our own merit, but because of Jesus. Congratulations on 1st place. God bless.
Yes, congratulations on this chilling account. Loved your title. As others have mentioned, couldn't help examining my own list as I sat next to you in your chair. Great job! Really made me think.
Rachel... I had a "feeling" this stunning entry would do well. Super congrats on being #1 (again)! Amazing!
Congratulations! Your entry was very deserving of the 1st place spot!
Great job! You are really in your element this quarter--lol! I'm glad I didn't miss this masterpiece! Excellently done!
Excellent. Well done!
Ooooh! I was squirming right along with your MC, even though I could guess the ending. Super huge congratulations on a 2nd 1st place win in a row - and well deserved!
Congratulations! What a wonderful story. I was engaged throughout.
Loved it! A well deserved win.
Chilling, until the end. It was expected, but still made me want to cheer. Congrats on 1st place!
So very well done! Congratulations on a well-deserved win :)
Excellent, compelling and a bit uncomfortable too, as I put myself in the MC's position. Well deserved win.