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I saw that ending coming...but I loved the way you got there!
Thank you for brightening my day with your hysterically funny words.
Oh, so much fun here! And so much imagination and such practically perfect Pullet-zer Prize poetry!!!
I was wowed all the way through with your writer's craft. I love the creativity in this awesome poem...surely worthy of a pulletzer!
This was so much fun to read. I hope you compile all your witty and creative poems into a book for the pleasures of readers everywhere. You are one talented lady! No need to say how perfectly this flowed, fit the topic, rhymes weren't forced, and as always, I give it two thumbs up.
I am lost for words! How do you do it?! Brilliant, just brilliant! Your rhymes, your humour, your imagination leave me (dare I admit it) very envious! It really made me smile - thankyou again.

A winner for sure! Delightful!
Superb as always!

"She bruised her chicken liver". Had to laugh out loud on that one!
Ahh, *FUN*
I tried to copy and paste a few especially loved lines but there are soo many that made me LOL!
I think you're almost too good, girl!! :)
What pure delight this is, Beth, and I thank you so much for brightening my day.
Funny how words jump out at you. I saw "zest" and thought it was going to be a sexy chick.

I always enlarge my vocabulary when I read your work. I wondered what a wattle was. I discovered it to be a twiggy woven wall of wattle...or the double chicken chin. :P
Zach certainly has a nose for news, turning what's not to what's news worthy! This is an example of journalistic instinct overstretched ... a dangerous game at that! Thanks for the laugh, Beth! Itís hilarious! (",)
Love it... you are such a gift... every line, every turn of a phrase. Congratulations!
The way you write these delightful poems always leaves me wishing I had 1/100th of your talent. Congratulations on the EC!
Congratulations on EC for another awesome poem. I'm blown away by your cleverly written story-poems.
A very fun read. Love the way you weave word pictures!
I am finding myself anxious to read your work every week. I love your poetic humor - you have such a great way of bringing poetry to life, even for those of us who don't always "get it." You have given me a wonderful appreciation for poems. (yours) Congratulations on another EC!
Beth! Make a book of your poetry! E-mail me and let me know when it's done! I will buy a copy! I will buy ten copies!

You are so funny and creative. You take a simple joke line and turn it into this. Wow! I think you are the bigger celebrity here, not me. I should have got your autograph at the conference. At least I have photos to prove I met you. :)
Beth, your title this time describes your poetry - whimsical and creative are words that fail to scratch the surface. Congratulations on another well deserved EC!
Oh Beth, this is so CUTE, and I love the title--so fitting. You deserved to be highly recommended...Who would ever have thought to write this "Worthy of the Pulitzer"...Well, not only was the "chicken that crossed the road" worthy of a "Pulitzer", but so is this!! Very unique! I love it...Helen...Thanks for your comment on my Challenge...Yes. It is true!
I needed a laugh today and got one! Love this one Beth.. I will never think of that chicken "joke" again without remembering this poem! A keeper.. worthy of the world to see? Hint hint! :)