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I love this so much, maybe as much for selfish reasons as for its excellent voice.
It is so much easier to say good things when offering a critique, isn't it?
You accomplished a truly fresh look at the topic.
Excellent writing.
Love the spirit of both writer and critic. Now, we're getting somewhere.

I loved the MC's spunk and unwillingness to give up. And the fact that she was willing to entertain the facts about her writing without being so discouraged and slipping into despair. This really held my attention. Great job.
Now THIS is encouraging and powerful! Well written too! Glad you posted in "tossing a brick" as I have resolved myself to only reading level 3 and 4, when posted. (Just too many to read) :)
"Spunk" is one of my favorite characteristics, and your MC has it in abundance!
Realistic character development, making Susan very human, but also resilient. We all need this kind of honesty, no matter what handicap we think we might be living with... plus the encouragement to keep going. On topic... well-written.
I loved your main character. Your title was just right for this very original story.
I feel you have fully embraced your mc's emotional scope, and not allowed any self-pity to intrude on her sense of determination. As for the critic, you have allowed the irony of his comment about her lack of physical description speak for itself. Very well done.
We all have handicaps to overcome. Your MC sets an excellent example for us. Critics cannot make us give up, only our response to them can do that. Thank you for a well written story and challenge.
I'm glad the MC stayed through and did not quit. As writers, we must always be ready to receive critiques, whether positive or negative. However if the critiques we received are aimed at tearing down, then we should not take such critiques to heart. Only in this way will we be able take a step forward and grow. Precious lessons here in your story. Thanks for sharing.