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Just perfect! Are we all as transparent as that?
OK, writer, you're getting an EC on this piece of fiction!

This story would be perfect for this weeks topic 'A Writer's Life'!
Wow, I'm feeling convicted! I think I need to stop critiquing and go hang out with my kiddos. :) Really, though. Nicely done.
Unfortunately true in so many households (and churches)... when commitments and principles are exalted, yet the reality is that it's not worked out. The family is the ultimate sacrifice. VERY well-written... painfully realistic.
A lifestyle sermon disguised as fiction :)
OUCH! Superb Fiction what a slap up the side of the head. Good work, a slice of reality.
This is a perfect example of a plea from my college principal: "Just as the Word became flesh in Jesus, so God's word must also take on our flesh, so our gospel becomes credible." Thank you for this thoughtful reminder of his challenge. Very well done.
I like it. Just when I KNEW where this was going, you slammed us with those final two words. Well put.
Perfection! On topic, creative,excellent conclusion, and resonates with the reader. Great job!
This really works! It's gripping, thought-provoking, and should make all of us do some serious soul-searching. VERY well done.
Oh, this strikes a chord for most of us, doesn't it? Even being "retired" doesn't mean that I have time but do I take time (to write) yep!
This has some wisdom for the family in it. Excellent teaching implications - reminds me of the marriage course material my wife and I run. Thanks for the enjoyable read.
What can I add but SUPERB! I think the humor got overwhelmed by the painful truth here. A great message, shown, and not a bit preachy. Love it!
Good truths for everyone, not just writers. Hit a little too close to home. Thanks.
I enjoyed the story very much and loved the zinger at the end.
What a story... I was so caught up in their life... then his "critique!" I love this!
LOL Ouch! Do we see things as they are or as we want them to be! Is this just wishful thinking on the MC's part, or blissful ignorance! Great Job!
Knew this was a winner! Congratulations on your EC!
Yay! Another EC! ^_^ Congrats--this one's wonderful with that last punchline.
WHOA girl, you did it again! Wow, you have such a style...I had a mix between a grin and a grimace the whole time. Superb!