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I'm glad I came back to read this. I must admit that your fist paragraph stalled my reading the first time around.

My favourite line is:

"Their tales of a selfless God laying down his life for mankind were as an elixir to my impoverished soul."

I felt that I had a glimpse into an old and ancient world.

I love ancient history, so this was a fascinating journey for me on the life of Luke - well researched and conveyed.
I loved your first paragraph because I love Greek mythology. But then I was thrown off a little when the story went away from it. But it didn't take long to figure out you were talking about Luke. The best part of your story is the detail. The setting and voice really felt authentic. I've never thought of Luke as a writer and I loved his anxiety about publication.
Well, your first paragraph didn't stall at me at all because I read all the comments first. :)
I was enthralled with all the knowledge that I didn't know and actually felt like Peter was here in "our time" speaking to us. I enjoyed this.
Ah, masterful. My inner history buff simply drank it in. Wonderful characterization of a much ignored character group - the Gospel writers. Enthralling. (Can you tell I liked it?)
I liked this very much. To read someone write Luke's story and to use all the details you did was very exciting. Thank you.
Your details made this a very interesting account, not veering all from the Scripture. I enjoyed the piece very much.
Well researched indeed. I realise you are giving the MC's literary background, but I would have preferred to read this from the second paragraph. I'm looking forward one day to telling Dr. Luke how much I loved his retelling of the birth of Jesus.

Wonderful research throughout, from the scope of your intro to your colourful, personal glimpses into the characters of the people Jesus healed.
I liked your open-ended close, and I hope your mc receives far more than a Luke-warm response from any editor he approaches.
Excellent stuff.
Yes I agree with everyone! Luke the Doctor, Luke the writer. He is fit for the challenge. Amen.