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Fascinating! No wonder I am brain dead for ideas for topic if this is what a REAL writer experiences!!!
I really liked how the story ended with the MC continuing to have story ideas. I can relate to having inspiration upon inspiration, upon inspiration during my daily routines. The only problem with nonstop inspiration is that (aside from forgetting them) I'd never have enough time to put them ALL into a story of their own.
Thanks for a good read :)
This is funny and I find, so true. It's hard to turn that "gift off" and everything becomes an illustration, a story, a gem of an idea. I enjoyed this. Thank you for writing it.
Thoroughly enjoyed this piece. I can relate to the ideas striking under all situations. Great job.
I have pieces of ideas written on everything from receipts to deposit slips to napkins. When inspiration hits, that little notebook seems to be someplace I'm not! You've captured a writer's brain activity for sure. Very good take on the topic.

CreativeWords, found your hint. I enjoyed this. Excellent.
I love the lighthearted, discombobulated tone to this! Who can't relate the sometimes constant barrage of story lines and characters streaking through the brain? A fun, entertaining read...
Excellent. It sounds to me, mind, that your MC needs to start living a life of her own! Why ever is she waiting around for that young man to ask her out?! Most enjoyable.
Isn't it fun working full time and trying to be a writer. Still, work does give great ideas for stories :-)

Very writer's life, well done.
Wow! Your brain never stops. (figured out my problem) I'll come back here when I need an idea. Great story...loved it.
Definitely can relate, it's why for years I wouldn't let myself write...because once the ideas start coming, it's hard to turn them off. Good job describing the wear and tear on a writer's brain.
Are you ADD? Are all writer's ADD? And I thought I was unique. hmph.

I vote for the bleach blonde, middle-aged, newlywed, step-grandma, belly dancer. Why? because she had starbucks in her hand. :P

Pssst...add a belly-button piercing and she would be perfect!
I love how your mind works. No wonder your stories are so interesting. If the nice looking guy is not just a figment of your imagination, smile at him!
I had to smile at your "vaguely wishing I was married so I could tell my husband to do it…" …and I loved seeing how everything that touched your MC's life inspired her. Your creative streak is amazing! :)
Perfect... and a delight to read, as always. But... how did you get inside my head?
A genuinely fun read and liked the ideas for writing behind every encounter. What an enjoyable MC!
And I was just telling my teenage daughter the other day, that I would much rather read books, than spend my spare time playing Nintendo DS. I love your story with all the different storylines popping up all the time. Very creative and realistic. Thank you.
Oh yes...this is us all right. Wonder we're all not locked up in little padded rooms. But if they locked us up without something to write with/on--well, that little room just wouldn't hold, would it?
You did such an excellent job; fun reading, and so realistic. You definitely have the "write stuff."
I really liked this but it feels like you've been spying on my life! As I was whining about my job today, my comment was "Well, at least I have plenty of material for fiction". Very fun read and nicely done.
A day in the life of...just on point. Thank you for taking me along on this journey. I felt right at home.