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There is more going on in heavenly places than I knew. I love the humor in this.
This was so much fun to read, did so FOUR TIMES! If cash were only moon pies, and all pups like Astral-Sol!
You definitely don't have writer's block--this is so creative and fun! Excellent.
An unusual take on the topic. I particularly like what you wrote about "When residents upon the sun Canít write, itís called sun-block." Interesting way of describing writer's block! Glad creativeness jump started at the end to produce volumes, leading to the success in careers.

Congrats on getting highly recommended and placing seventh for EC.

No one can even come near lead the pack in originality and imagination, Beth! Congratulations!
Moon pies and sun tea. This is Vintage Beth. Like no other. Magical and imaginative.
I remain in awe.

Congratulations, Beth!
I think you have enough wonderful entries to publish your own book!
Ah, Beth, you never disappoint. Amazing, as always. Congratulations on the win!
Congratulations, again, on another delightful poem--you da best, dear Beth!
Smile...sci-fi poetry - a new genre!
Sun-block vs. writer's block . . . love it! The two-brained colony of writers and the moon-pie-eating astro dog were all very enjoyable characters. Where DO all your creative ideas come from? Do you have two brains? ;)