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Wow. What a sad tale...and so beautifully written. It really made me stop and think about what I'm missing in life because I'm afraid to take a risk on something out of my control. Great. Just fantastic.
I really liked this story. The details with her mending her torn page, with her being the best parallel parker in town... It all made the character so real. I loved the message you gave in this story. Though we don't often see God's hand during our tragedies, when we look back we can see that He knew what He was doing. His plan is always greater than ours. Beautiful story. Great message. Nicely written! :)
God, I love the story you wrote on behaslf of your child! You know what is in our hearts and you are the best of all editors.
Loved the pacing and gentle rhythm of this. Lovely.
What a change our lives could be if we let God be our Editor! Let us willingly present ourselves to God whatever time we have left, to allow Him to mold us to be the person He wants us to be!
I love your concept and the way you've skillfully woven this. Your message is so very good!
I love the image of God "editing" our lives. He is quite like any editor; the changes are painful and often ones we don't want to make, but always for our best in the end.

Great writing!
Loved this interesting story about God's second chances and nudges to our lives.
God bless you for writing this for us.
Wow- this was really awesome. Very imaginative and extremely well written. Nice job.
This was so creatively done! The MC seemed very realistic. Thank you for the reminder that God always has better plans for our lives, if we only allow Him to "break through" all our controls.
You did well at fitting such a powerful message into a very small word count.
My mind just went blank with this one, but this is a fantastic viewpoint of our lives. Very well done! God bless you!
When I read my comment, it did not come out like I intended. I meant that my mind had gone blank on this challenge, and you did such a great job, when I couldn't think of a thing to write, you came up with a jewel!