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Fantastic! I know at the time I'm rather against God's "editing," but it's so very worth it in the end. You express that well.
Pruning the tree to produce more fruit -- Edward is fixing to blossom, me thinks. I enjoyed the clever writing and humor along with the message it carried.
Oh wow. Yes, wow.

The cadence of this seemed right on.

I was a little confused at first who was speaking when - but once I caught on, this poem took me on an amazing and beautiful ride, so full of truth!

Rachel, this is wonderful! You have a beautiful message here!
Praise the Lord that our scarlet sins, and the red pen corrections that our lives need, are all wiped clean and made white by the red blood of the Lamb.

Thanks for this rhyme with an interesting perspective.
Neat! Got a little stuck on the dialogue at first, then picked up the rhythm again. I liked being able to chuckle while still receiving a good message.
First ever poem?? It's very well done. Great job.
Very well written! I particularly like what the Editor said about "My edits are not painless, but will make your tale unique. Only by allowing ourselves to be 'edited' by God will our lives be uniquely what He wants us to be.
I'd definitely like to see more poetry from you. This was excellent. One or two spots where the rhythm didn't quite make it, but overall, this was wonderful. Well done Rachel.
I haven't done poetry either, but I thought this was well written and thought-out. Well done!
It's just my opinion, but I'd say it's very well done for a first attempt. Keep writing.