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"precious message" Yes, it is hard to condense it but the last sentence does it. Well Written. Love It.
A riveting piece. Good work.
Very thought-provoking! Makes me realize how all of our words, in a certain way, outlast us and serve as a testimony to our faith. Loved it!
At first I thought the setting was a past war, but as I read on I realized it was our possible future. Gripping action - I experienced every rattling bomb blast and the writer's angst over needing to record the important Message.
This is trully precious and a brilliant piece of writing. Wonderful! Thanks - Colin
Spellbinding story, leaving much to think about.
Your descriptions were incredibly vivid, and the struggle so real. So powerful.
Loved your ending! If we only had one breath left to give as a warning, that should be it.
Chilling and possible - very possible here in America, any day now... Let's keep writing and show God's love right down to our very last breath. The last line is perfect!
A stunning revelation of things to come. So thankful that this author can still say, In God We Trust. Skillful writing.
A very powerful and moving story. So true: if you could only write one sentence, you really couldn't choose a better one... and sometimes words really are inadequate. Well done.