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You captured both grief and hhope. Well done.May God Bless you, rut
Smell is a powerful memory trigger and it's wonderful when it takes our minds back to our loved ones. Great storytelling.
I have small things I keep which remind me of my grandmas also. None with a scent though. Good writing.
Well expressed raw emotion that led to healing...I know I can relate and I'm sure many others can as well.
I really liked your article. My Grandma has a certain scent that I'll always remember with fondness.

I think it would be hard to fit the whole grieving process into 750 words. You tell us how upset your MC is because she loved her dead grandma, but we never get the chance to know what her grandma was like. The only glimpse I caught of grandma was when you said "I could just imagine her dancing with the angels and bombarding God with all the questions she'd ever had." I loved that description, but it wasn't enough to let me grieve along with the MC.

Still, you have a great writing style, and I liked the message you wrote into this piece. Thank you. :)
It is amazing how something so small can have huge memories attatched. I loved the phrase "taken hostage" at the start of the story. I think there was a little too much of "telling" rather than "showing".
I like how you showed the progression of grief...the sadness, anger, and eventually the good memories. You did a good job of showing her emotions without forcing it.
Your story is a memorable little snippet of life--remembrance of a loved one through a scent associated with her.
I think you did a great job showing your grief and memories. Your feelings and emotions can only be told by your voice. I easily visualized the funeral and the scene in the bedroom. You do an amazing job of pulling me into your stories and allowing me to feel my own past griefs.
A piece with well expressed emotions written in it.