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Good illustration of Jesus' pure and patient love--and the healing it brings once we invite Him into our hearts.
Wow this is heavy stuff. You really kept me mesmerized throughout the entire read.
You have written a wonderful story of self-discovery and salvation through the only one who truly knows you.
I believe you masterfully nailed every person alive!
I absolutely love that the MC did not have a specified gender...because the MC is all of us, to some degree. I loved the bookend phrases, with their opposite meanings. Excellent piece of writing.
There are no secrets from the one who knows our heart. Well written, with insight.
I liked how you showed that the MC was struggling with being an "accident" without a purpose, yet when cornered by Truth a little Light slipped in to show otherwise. I also liked the opening and closing lines.
So different. In reading this I felt like I was drawn into a thick, dense and muddled existance. Your writing did this. It is a wonderful example of what the MC felt about her life? Good writing. deep.

Though your MC will surely have more tough times ahead, it's a blessing to see his/her transformation in Jesus Christ.
Very captivating! I loved the way the beginning captures the reader's attention. Very vivid detail through the entire story.
You did a great job at peeling away layers to show what is truly within your MC. Love the message. It's one many of us can relate to.
Truly great stuff here, and yes, we can all relate. I too like the "bookends;" the word flow between them is well-paced, thorough without being too wordy. Just an overall good job.
Superb! I can't think that anyone reading this would not be able to connect. I loved the assurance at the end that all the fears were dealt with.
Beautifully written Rachel. Deep, truthful and joymaking.
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and in the top 30 overall and for your EC.