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I Emilio's fear and his pride in the end! Very nice piece.
Sneak peeking at work . . . meant to say I felt his fear and pride!
Spot on for the topic. I was definitely drawn into the moment, and relieved that this ended on a happy note.
Wow, that was scary! I was holding my breath too! Brilliant writing.
Emilio ... what a nice name! I'm guessing that "tiburon" must be Spanish for "shark." (I've only taken minimal Spanish.) Anyway, I love the imagery here! I was surprised when the father actually did know in the end that the shark had been there. A father's first instinct would be to save his son from the shark or drowning or both, so it must have been hard for him. I'd say Emilio and his father were both brave men.
Great writing!
This is a great story, I felt certain at the end the shark would have been something else. You did a nice job of surprising me.
Growing up guided by a loving parent. It doesn't get any better. An enjoyable read.
Your story of a life-lesson is beautifully written.
Wonderful use of topic. Loved the parenting aspect also. Thanks.
Very entertaining story, excellently written. Great take on the subject and creative as well. This should move to the top. Your descriptions are perfect.

Wonderfully done. The setting was rich and vivid, and the story age-old but creatively presented. Lovely!
Whew, loved the intensity! I found myself, of course, holding my breath until he finally broke surface again. Great writing!
Editor's Choice again! Woo-hoo Caity! :D
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and in the top 40 overall and for the EC.