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If I didn't know I hadn't written this I'd might have thought I had. What a riot. And Oh! So sadly familiar.

Tiny bit of red ink. "I know that if I was a hunk of plastic..." Should be "If I were..."

I loved the mosquito on amphetamines, and the ending is brilliant.
Very creative.

When my husband's typing away, it gives a steady contented hum. But the moment I sit down, you can hear the fits and bursts as if it's getting increasingly excited. Once the fan has got to the stage where it sounds like a mosquito on amphetamines...

I loved this. :o)
I absolutely loved this! It's hysterical. It also creeps me out a bit. Have you been spying on me??? I believe that my computer meltdown is due to my nerve damage from shingles. It acts up when I walk into a room, my family will shout "Mom get out of here, you're messing up the computer". As soon as I leave, I'll hear a "Thank you." When it acts up for me and I have to call "Darling," my husband also can fix it just like that. Your writing drew me in from the very first word. I laughed out loud several times. I'm going to show it to my husband to prove I'm not alone.
I think the laptop is actually in love with you - it goes to peices when you are around!

A fun account to read.
My computer is gender neutral. The computer repair man and I are now on a first name basis and I think, if anything, my machine dislikes him. Or, maybe it doesn't, since they visit so often. I relate completely to your well written story.
Oh how I love this! My computer is so much smarter than I am and laughs at my imeptness!
haha, loved the ending! :-)
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and in the top 40 overall and for the EC.