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I really enjoyed this. Well-written and creative. A great reminder that only when we've cried can we wipe away another's tears with true understanding.
I loved this...

A hint of a smile flitted on the bereaved woman’s face as she pictured her son inhaling heavenly air with the Good Shepherd.

This is precious. I'm a big believer in children having pets. Our little friends teach us so much. Your story reminded me of my own kids and my son's dream to be a minister soon. He does worry about funerals though. I'm definitely going to show your story to him. Thank you so much.
This is so sad and beautiful.

It appears that the child Joey is now Pastor Joe, and using his childhood lesson to help others. AWESOME!
So Joey gre up to become the pastor. I liked the way that he comforted others with the comfort he had been given. A thoughtful way of dealing with a difficult issue.
"The hand that rocks the cradle..." What an influence we mothers have that goes farther than our arms can reach. Beautiful story and reminder of our responsibilites to point our children to God's love.