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What a fun story! Very creative and with a delightful MC.
Really delightful! Well-written: flows easily, builds at the right tempo and surprises at the end. I think I see Richard appearing as MC in a wonderful novel, getting into all sorts of risky escapades as he tries to "help people." More, please.
Seems to me that Richard isn't the only one to have forgotten about his vow of silence. Great japes!
BTW I suspect that Edmond's assistant should be just a page and not a page boy.
The dialog, the characters, the story - wonderful.
How sinful of Brother Bartholomew to agree to Richard's plan! He should be dismissed as well! *Wink*

I couldn't help laughing at Richard's frequent changes of occupation. Definitely shows how he was following his feelings. I loved the conversations between he and Edmond. Edmond makes a great role model for him. I hope that well-meaning Richard finally finds the vocation that best suits his personality. ;)
This was a fun read. I was giggling quite a bit. Well done!
I want to read more!
haha, I liked Dick! Good writing as always
In search of a career path -- some things never change. You have penned a delightful tale.
I loved the comedic mischief of the novice monk. This is very cleverly woven together and with a fun title!
Great job and a good chuckle.
I even giggled at "tonsured hair" :o). I was going to look it up in the dictionary, but then figured out it must mean his head was shaved. This was cute. Thanks.
Fresh and delightful. Good reading. Love it,.

A very interesting read and an unusual way of helping others! LoL!
Congratulations for placing in the top 40 overall.
Yay Caity! You placed in the top 40! *Cheers and claps*