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This is right on target for the topic, and I enjoyed the lessons and message found in this fine piece.
This one made me think, right along with the student you wrote about. Very well done!
Great message and extremely well written!
An enjoyable read with a good message. Well done.
Ha, love this. Great job.
This is very creative. I loved your ending. Great job.
This was a good read on so many levels. The important lesson about development aid, and the serious lesson to the student to think for himself were wrapped up in a story peppered with light humour and lots of great cultural allusions. And the voices were spot on.
Good story.

In the University I attended, if something was plagerized, the student automatically failed the class!
This was delightful. I guess the old dinosaur wasn't extinct at all. The humor was wonderful and the message inspiring without being preachy.
I enjoyed the back and forth banter very much. Great job of dialogue, showing and not telling. And codswallop? That's a new word for me. Well done.
Way to go Gregory! Congratulations on your 1st place EC for this very fine piece. No codwalloping here. :)
I loved the dialogue and I follwed the arguments! What a challenge to get people to think for themsleves.
Congratulations my friend, awesome job!!!
Excellent! The voices of the professor and the student are great. Love this one. Congrats!
It appears your real self (voice) is coming out and look where's it's got you! Terrific writing and congratulations! : )
Thoroughly enjoyable.
Very thoughtful and well written. Opened me up to think about how I took the easy road writing some (okay, most) college essays. Maybe it is a lost art, to actually think deeply. Thanks for the refreshing viewpoint.
I'm proud of you! I had no trouble spotting this as your entry; it had your fingerprints all over it from the title onward. It has to be one of my favourites of all the pieces you've written and thoroughly deserves the placing it received.
Pardon my late comment on an otherwise excellent entry. I say "otherwise," because you missed an opportunity to mention how Descartes died. It transpired that he felt he had overstayed his time at a tavern. And when his host told him he thought he should have yet another drink, Descartes replied: "I think not." And he just disappeared!