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I must confess to liking the motives of the MC and his "Git R Done" attitude. I think most of us get discouraged with the corruption and failures in our justice system today--but we must not forget that God is in control.
Excellent dialogue and a compelling story.
This was very well written. You were cautious with both dialog and actions, which I applaud. Of course I don't like the tale itself--I think we need to abhor the wickedness we are learning about particularly among the clergy. But it does need to be told, and you told it well.
Wow I had a feeling that last bomb was for the priest, but I was still eager to find out. Even though I somewhat expected it, the ending took me by surprise. That's excellent writing!
I have goosebumps. This was incredible and horrible.

So very likely to happen, too.
I guess you couldn't argue that he wasn't warned. This read a bit like a Douglas Adams story from "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxies" and all I could think was Rory going up to his reward saying. "So long, and thanks for all the fish." Aside from that you've presented a very good moral dilemma in a moderately amusing but quite provocative way.
I had a feeling this one might be yours. I love that you are bold enough to write about this topic and with this ending, but then I'm always a big fan of the different and daring. You once again did an amazing job and I'll be surprised if this isn't way up on the top of that list.
Good writing. A little twist on "Be sure, your sins will find you out." :o) You kept my attention all the way through. Thanks!
I liked it, but then some people think I'm radical too! Is this a compliment? I think so.
Wow, love the way you structured the ending. Great story and characters. I got a little bogged down in the middle, but the momentum kept me going. Awesome.
I wondered if the last bomb was for the priest. It's terrible what is happening in our world today. Still, I don't agree with the vigilante justice of the plumber. Well told tale.
Congratulations for placing 14th in your level and 20th overall!