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Amusing - that auntie was sharper than appeared on the surface. I enjoyed this!
Fun and sad at the same time. I'm patting Auntie on the back for her courage in teaching her niece a lesson. Good job.
I love the characters you created, and your opening paragraph was an excellent hook. Awesome work!
Oh I loved this. It was wonderful! I really enjoyed every word and was disappointed when it ended. Awesome work!
What a nervy little brat that niece is! Glad she had a lesson learned.

Would love to hear more of this story. I could see them becoming best buds.
Oh, this was fun, for sure! Great job. I'd say she learned her lesson. :)
Fantastic. A thoroughly satisfying story with an excellent twist. Your title was maybe the only thing that let you down - such a great story needs a punchier headline
Can't help but smile at the way you told this story. And yes, Auntie was so, so clever. But the underlying message is told in a way that it strikes the heart with its truth which will be remembered long afterward - that is was good story telling is all about.
Great plot! Smooth, easy reading and tight writing.
I have to stretch a bit to fit
the story to the topic.
Also, I could "feel" how the story would end before the story ended. Not sure if this is good or bad, but it certainly does not take away from the clever, humorous story line. Well written.
What a clever woman. I like her!
Funny how the niece thought she was so clever at first, and then her aunt turned out to be the one "on the ball."

I'd say this is a very clever piece. ;)
Congratulations for placing 9th in your level and 12th overall!
Yay Sarah! Pretty high up in the highest rankings! Way to go, as usual! :D