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How sad--the happiness age old grudges rob from those who refuse to forgive. Your ending proves this point poignantly.
Interesting plot and surprise ending, but I can't connect the story to the topic
I loved this sweet story. Although I suspected who Blessed really was you did surprise me that it was based on a true story. You did an excellent job of telling it!
Such a sad story, but so well done. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.
A great title for this entry. I was truly saddened to note that this was indeed a "true story". I hope your MC knows that God can bring healing to our deep regrets.
I loved the vivid rivalry! The nosy neighbor snickering at someone's misfortune reminds me of 1950's sitcoms. ;)

Bittersweet ending. What sorrow Myrtle must have felt upon realizing she had mistreated her best friend for years.

Maybe this is a stretch, but the story reminded me of how sometimes we as Christians put on our best faces in public (like the newspaper column), yet air the dirty laundry in our "real" lives. Do we walk the walk when no one is looking?

Nice piece.
oh wow! What a captivating story! I love that it was true! What a lesson here. I so enjoyed this!