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Riveting! I really enjoyed this re-telling. Great job!
Fun! I enjoyed reading this. Just wish there was room for more. ;) Good job!
An unusual and creative perspective on the story with very good characterisation.
Superb retelling of this Bible story. Your characters came to life in a real way and the pace of this story kept me reading until the end.
You did an outstanding job with this. The message was subtle but one that the world needs to hear and understand. You held my attention the whole way. Though I knew the ending I was still hoping he'd have the faith to get rid of the demon. Great job again!
Excellent retelling of Biblical event. We all get full of ourselves at times. Nice reminder to stay in prayer. I'm so glad is there to help us out of our messes!
Awesome job writing this. Awesome message!
Interesting topic! I enjoyed the subtle realization of Andrew's knowledge that maybe he had gone about this whole thing the wrong way. Great conversation, too.
"I knew this was a mistake." The father's voice was querulous, his doubts and defiance spurred on by the murmuring of the bystanders. "I should have gone straight home when I saw your rabbi wasn't here."

Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone ever feels this way when they walk into our churches?

Also, the part where Andrew "mouthed" the word sorry and Jesus smiled ... love, love, loved it! Matter of fact, I loved the whole thing. Great job.
Good job of filling in this Bible story. I think the father was a bit more desperate though - but then it was your paraphrase. Thanks!
Excellent retelling--so many things brought to life through "showing"--personal arrogance, a parent's grief and scorn, the Master's power and his love.
Convincing, forceful dialogue - one could feel the power and the emotions of the characters. I'm always impressed with those able to write historical fiction; and this certainly ranks high up there.
Congratulations on the credibility of your character portrayal, which earths a controversial topic for too many of God's people. Perhaps you have drawn the boy's father a little more lightly than I feel the original record would show, but excellent overall.