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This was a great idea for an article. I know they always say Barbers are some of the best talkers. And little Jimmy was sweet. Good job!
I always cut my husband's hair and I could visualize exactly what was happening between Jimmy and Michael as Jimmy's hair was cut. Wonderful dialogue.
Oh what a sweet story. I loved every word.
What a touching story. I really enjoyed this one.
What a touching story. I really enjoyed this one.
Awww...very sweet. The barber certainly knew more than just his craft as he talked with the little guy. Touching story.
I read this one last night. I wondered if it was yours. This is evidence that you are establishing a recognizable voice. Good job.
With all the hairdressers and salons accepting men and women these days, this piece takes me back to the time when fathers took their sons to the barber for that first haircut. A rite of passage... just as this was.
Beautifully told with a young fresh voice.

I loved this piece! I could visualize the scene just as if I was there. I really enjoyed sweet Jimmy as he discusses his problems with his barber. You really brought this story full circle in very few words. Great job!
This is a beautiful story--all the way through. I loved your little guy.
This is so sweet! I love your ability to tell stories from many different perspectives.

I didn't quite catch the full impact of Jimmy deciding to talk to his aunt in the mirror, but I thought his innocence was sweet and refreshing.