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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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How do you do this? Just as creative and fun as can be. Truly out of the box, in fact it's out of the universe. Very good, indeed.

Fabulous creativity. I am in awe!
Wonderfully creative! What planet are you from!!lol.
Amazing, to say the least. Absolutely stunning from begin to end. Loved it.
Wonderfully over the rainbow!
I agree. . . amazing, creative, and so much fun to read, and read again!
Your creativity is astonishingly wonderful. How in the world do you think of stuff like epidermus of ecru and eye of aubergine...I don't even know what the second one means! As always, I'm bowled over by the fun poems you write!
You just amaze me with your talent. After reading, I sat here with my mouth hanging open and a fly flew in! Now that's poetic justice or something. You not only have a delightful sense of humor but the way you make your words flow and rhyme is simply marvelous!!
I really don't know what to say! Even original seems too mild a term
This just left me speechless! I have no words to describe it, truly! But I was glued to it and ended up with my mouth dropping wide open at your creativity. Great, huge, big time Kudos!!
Amazing! I stand in awe of your masterful mind. So well done - this will definitely place, I'm sure!
Divergent mentation, no doubt. Cute, sweet, clever, entertaining, smart, artistic, imaginative x3, invetive and all wrapped up in a very skillfully developed and delivered package with an ending that soars above any complimentary vocabulary I possess. Great work.
Congratulations on another EC for your creative poem! So glad to see my twin in the bright lights!
Beth, I'm starting a collection of your poetry. Your imagination and inventiveness are...what? I, like some of my fellow commentators lack the adequate words. Congratulations!
Another masterful creation from your pen! Congratulations! Your talent and imagination is off the charts!
Ah, Girlfriend, you crack me up. I can see your sly smile, and twinkle in your eye while you work through the writing process it must take to produce this type of wit. Such talent. Congratulations on your EC.
Congratulations on your EC!
You're just amazing. Congrats, girl!
So much talent you have, Beth!!!!!!!!! Creative and artistic! Congrats on EC.
God bless.
I havent been on here for a while but decided to check and see if you were still placing! SOOO not surprised Beth, but what I love about you is your humility and your ability to encourage others no matter where they are in their journey? Not only a gifted writer but a super woman... beautiful to know!
You make Sci-Fi fun. I may have to start reading it :) Great job.
Beth, God surely gifted you with a superbly creative mind and a wealth of words. Your poetic pieces delight, entertain and amaze me each and every time.