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Wow! Talk about an unexpected twist! I was shocked, heart-broken for Victor, and glad he wrote the letter to his dad. You rushed a lot of information into the last paragraph and it was a little rushed, but powerful none the less. Nice entry!
I 2nd that WOW - what a twist - didn't see it going that way. I thought the ending was good - a lot of info but it made a strong impact. Good stuff!
Awesome surprise at the ending. I caught myself skimming just a bit at the beginning with the students' objections - that is a common theme this week so I found it somewhat unnecessary. Freeing up those words for the end would help with the rushed feeling, in my opinion.

I really liked how you built up to the surprise. Excellent.
Definatly a surprise ending.

The teacher looked through the pile of letters- but did she actually read them?

I want to hear more of this story!
Wow there are so many things I want to say!

First the art of handwriting is being lost. My two younger children age 16, 20 were never taught to write in curvise and to this day have difficulty reading cursive.

The teacher in your story is quite wise indeed.

I did suspect the dad had either died or was in prison, but the ending really left me with my mouth hanging wide open!
I agree. The ending makes the story a true stand-out entry. It draws strong pangs of sympathy for the dad and his son.
This is a really great story. I agree with the other commentors, a little too front loaded. Loved the twist at the end.