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I was really drawn into this story.

My son felt the calling to be a minister at a young age. I can just imagine how similiar his reaction would be if his girlfriend said that to him.

You did an outstanding job with this. I also enjoyed the fresh approach to a love letter.
Aww, sad story--well written.
Very well written-I could picture it all happening.

When we follow God's prompting, it oftentimes hurts to turn away from anything that hinders that calling.

Would love to hear future version of this story!
Great job. Nice story. Believable characters. Situation that has probably happened far to often for Christians. I'm guessing she rejects his proposal and then writes a letter as to why. And in the end he accepts her calling and he becomes a pastor's husband. lol
Excellently written. I had to memorize that sonnet in high was the perfect illustration for your story. This story was very much on topic.
Although I've left a comment I felt compelled to leave one more. This is on topic in my opinion. It states in the description about being on topic could the story take place without the topic. In this case although there's not a long letter to read, the whole scene would not be occurring if she hadn't read the letter. You can't do the scene without the letter so I think it is quite on topic!!
A call to preach. A call to pastor. The burning in her heart should identify preaching to whom, and pastor in what capacity. Standing behind the pulpit to preach to "saints" in the pew in the traditional sense of pastoring is no longer the norm. Nonetheless... a marriage proposal where her dreams are to instantly submit to his interpretation of them needs some clarification in face-to-face conversation. Oh wait...that was last weeks topic.

All that said, the story obviously pulled me in... in more ways than I want to admit. And I agree it is on topic in that a hand written correspondence occurred and required a like response.
Your writing talent and skill is obvious - I pictured everything clearly and was in the room with these 2 girls. Excellent job! And the topic is not as weak as you think it is - it is the center of the action, and this scene couldn't have taken place without the letter.
I admire your technique and I am profoundly inspired! Thanks for the entry.
Some interesting discussion between these two friends. I would certainly hesistate to be the one to tell another whether she (or he) should or should not be in the ministry, regardless of the circumstances. What if I were wrong? Ouch!
Well written with believable characters and good dialogue. Quite a tough decision to make. Very well done.
Wow, your subject is certainly current. A woman Pastor? A Pastor's wife? A true calling? Would love to more. Great writing.
Enjoyable read, both tension and humour--well done. Yes, definitely on topic-a letter received, a letter to be written. Your characters were real and likable, good job all round.
I agree with Lisa on the dialogue tags. In my humble opinion - no further polish needed.

A compelling story and I was really anticipating the solution (which I believe was right!) Love the double meaning in the title. Super as always girl!
A hard topic, since women preachers aren't that popular in every church. It gave me something to think about, especially as it deals with God's calling. I wonder if she was right? Sometimes God wants us to give up our dreams in order to follow him. Good job! :)
From a literary standpoint you are a master writer. You skillfully wove this story.
Ouch! So glad I never had to make such a hard decision! You set this up perfectly....I feel like I'm right in the action there with the girls, like I want to tell her to be obedient to God and not man - as if she could hear Well done!
Hmmm, we need a sequel! There's so much here to make a great story! You begin with a little humor and godly romance (sucked me right in ;) ), but you don't leave it at that ... you throw a curve ball to the story that requires an answer. :)

I'm not so much for woman pastors (woman speakers, yes), so I'm hoping that Gina will decide that God is calling her to be a pastor's wife instead and marry Todd. :) But of course, I'm not trying to put ideas into your head ...

Overall, I'd say you got a great story here! Very creative and out-of-the-box.
An articulate piece of work on the delicate issue of Godís calling. It's something we need to be very sure about even if other well-intent persons who serve the same God fail to understand. The message in your story comes through very clearly. Excellent work!
Congratulations for placing 12th in level 4 and 19th overall!
Congrats on getting to the top 30 and the top 15 in Masters! You go, girl! ;)
You have breathed life and credibility into the array of thoughts, hopes, dreams and misunderstandings that are all part of the mix when God calls. Your characters are strong and you have portrayed their interaction with a very absorbing style.
Excellent flow of ideas.
Another masterful entry from your pen! This left the reader wanting more which to me is a sign of great writing.